opera - Peter Missotten

De Filmfabriek was very active as a factory for radical performances and digital media art.
The last years the focus shifted towards the staging and designing of new contemporary opera creations.

Working on THE GOLEM :
we have filmed the visual Libretto for a new opera by Bernhard Lang at Nationaltheater Mannheim 2016 - featuring Peter van Til a.o.

In 2014 I've been working on the visual libretto for this new performance based opera for the Nationaltheater Mannheim.
You can view the video libretto here….
Early 2015, the opera has been composed.
It was directed by Peter Missotten at he Nationaltheater Mannheim, opening night April 16, 2016.
Direction,set design, video and lights by Peter Missotten.
Pasted Graphic

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