opera by Peter Missotten

KEPLER - Philip Glass - Landestheater Linz - Linz09

In september 2009, Peter Missotten directed ’KEPLER’ - a new opera by Philip Glass - for the Landestheater Linz and Linz09. He was also responsible for the rather radical stage design.
Dennis Russell Davies conducted the Bruckner Orchestra. Martina Winkel wrote the libretto.
The perpetual movement of the planets is transformed into a perpetual evolving stage in which the outside world profoundly influences the actions of the singers.

The opera was very well received and performed 18 times - so far. It was broadcasted live in HD throughout cinemas in Austria, and broadcasted in Austria/Germany by ORF and 3SAT. The video registration of 'KEPLER' by Philip Glass is out on DVD. You can get it at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com.

Philip Glass
Landestheater Linz

Libretto: Martina Winkel
Musikalische Leitung: Dennis Russell Davies / Ingo Ingensand
Inszenierung, Bühne und Video: Peter Missotten
Kostüme: Karel van Laere
Chorleitung: Georg Leopold
Dramaturgische Beratung: Klaus Peter Kehr
many thanks to Airan Berg for his support

Kepler: Martin Achrainer
Sopran 1: Cassandra McConnell / Alaine Rodin
Sopran 2: Cheryl Lichter / Karen Robertson
Mezzo: Elsa Giannoulidou / Katerina Hebelkova
Tenor: Iurie Ciobanu / Pedro Velázquez Díaz
Bariton: Seho Chang
Bass: Nikolai Galkin / Florian Spiess